Month: July 2016

7 Tips for A Longer Drive

7 Tips to Have a Longer Drive

Golfers can reduce the longer holes on a course by hitting the longest drives possible. It will help you to boost your opportunities of posting a good score. In most cases, you will discover that experts usually hit tee shots about three hundred yards on average. The truth is that many professional golfers can hit it much farther than 300 yards. Golfers need focus and perseverance to strike it far down the fairway that kind of distance. It is important to always get as much club ahead speed in the entire process. Hitting a longer drive will require certain items such as golf glove, golf tees, and golf clubs. So keep reading if you are looking for some tips to get a longer drive and to up your golf game.

Tip 1:

One of the best tips to have a longer drive is by making the best use of the driver. The primary function of the driver is to help golfers hit the ball straight, true and far. You can head to the practice range and hit a few buckets of balls to help you get more comfortable swinging the driver. You also want to make sure you have a driver that is the proper length and firmness to match your swing style. If you end up needing a new driver than be sure to grab the recent Golfsmith coupons and save some money when you go shopping.

Tip 2:

The next important tip is to tee the ball. When carrying out this process, ensure that the ball is at address. At this point, the upper section of the driver’s face meets the ball at its center. As drivers get better and bigger ensure you have a sufficient tee to execute the task.

Tip 3:

Trying a glove is one of the most effective tips for a longer drive. Most players often get a better grip from golf gloves. However, not all players like using the gloves. To get a feel of the best method to adopt, you can experiment with it both ways. Some like to use a glove on just one hand as well. With this simple approach, you will be able to determine the best method to hit your the ball and at the same have a better grip.

Tip 4:

Now, you can address or manage the ball with a wide, balanced stance. It will help you to have full control of the club without any stress. This approach will also help you know the actual area where you’re swinging and hitting the ball frequently on the sweet spot.

Tip 5:

You can play or practice for a straight shot. It can be achieved by making sure that your stance remains fully square and balanced. Try widening your stance if you are not balanced. A little draw or hook can perfectly add distance to your drives. Nevertheless, most golfers are better off hitting it straight.

Tip 6:

With your left arm stiff, you can make a backswing. It helps you move your weight to the right leg. As you begin downswing move your weight back to the left. For the whole of the time, ensure to keep your eye on the ball. It is one of the best strategies that can be applied when planning to increase longer drive in golfing.

Tip 7:

At setup below the left, you can right shoulder slightly. This technique will help to position you in catching the ball on the upswing. It will also help you to make use of the entire club’s loft.


You’re losing club-head distance and speed if you are hitting the ground with the club. Try to make appropriate adjustments to avoid hitting the ground. It is a fantastic idea to practice always. The more you practice, there is every possibility to become a professional at hitting the ball far. If you shorten your backswing to seventy-five percent of normal, there is every possibility to hit it straight. It helps to ensure that you are hitting the ball on the sweet spot. Nonetheless, you will have total control of the club by following this simple strategy. Extend your backswing back to the original spot when you feel comfortable hitting it straight. You will continue to hit the ball pure and retain extra power. A high-sailing drive typically remains in the air longer. It also carries farther than one hit on a low trajectory. For this reason, it is crucial to make use of a driver with substantial loft such as 13 degrees. You can give it a try now.

Here is a video that can show you some of the methods above more visually too.

8 Basic Tips to Better Your Golf Game

8 Basic Golfing Tips

When it comes to playing golf, there are certain techniques that you can do to become a better golfer. Just like in any sport, one thing you should know is that the more you practice on becoming a better golfer, the more likely you are to improve your game.

Let’s take a look at the following that can help better your golf game.

1) Putting

When putting your shots, it’s a good idea to have a good follow through on all of your shots. The problem with most putts is that most golfers slow down when following through, and this is something that you don’t want to do. Instead, accelerate on your follow through and ensure that you’re through stroke is longer than your backstroke.

2) Don’t Analyze Your Swing

You want to keep each shot as simple as possible. So don’t analyze your swing when playing golf. A good technique is to put your game plan on a sheet of paper and to view it each time before you make your swing.

3) Imagine the Ball Going Into the Hole

You want to visualize the ball going into the hole every time. This visualization is an excellent way to plot out your shot ahead while staying focused on the goal in mind. Simply imagine what you want the ball to do and then do it. Keep it simple.

4)  Align the  Club With the Hole

If you’re putting and need the ball to go into the hole, then you should align  the golf club with the hole. You should align the club with where you want the ball to go so that you can get a straight shot every time. Seems obvious but many people miss putts because they start of not aligned properly.

5) Relax

It’s natural to be anxious and a little nervous on every golf swing. The key is to relax and calm down before you make your swings. Relax and take deep breaths through your nose. This relaxation tip will prove to be very valuable when you’re out on the golf course. Lastly, imagine the ball going into the hole. This will give you the confidence that you need to hit the ball well.

6)  Focus on the Target

Instead of focusing on the ball, focus on the target. This is the best way to hit more putt shots and to get smooth strokes on the ball. Align the putter with the hole and square your feet and shoulders. This will allow you to get the focus on the shot that you need.

7) Balance

Balance is vital in any sport, but it’s especially important in the game of golf. Why? Balance helps you improve your swing by making it smooth and even. If you find that your swing is choppy or feels forced, you may need to focus more on balance. A good golf swing is even and fluid. Your swing should feel natural. Hitting shots or taking swings with your feet placed together improves your balance and gives you a good sense of the physics involved in the golf swing.

Changing your stance and your swing may be a bit awkward at first, but by putting your feet together, you can discover a lot about body mechanics about your swing. For instance, you may find that during your swing, your hips pull in a certain direction, causing the ball to follow the same path. By hitting the ball with a condensed base (feet together), you have a better sense of the weight and power of your club and how it can project the ball without much aid from your body.

8) Rhythm

Rhythm is also crucial when it comes to improving your golf game. You may have noticed that more and more golfers show up to the practice range wearing headphones. There a good reason for it! Listening to music allows your mind to operate somewhat subconsciously. Think about it. When you’re driving your car down the road and listening to music on the radio, do you consciously think about every move you need to make to drive? No. It happens because you know how to do it, and it’s instinctive. The same can be said about your golf game.

Instead of thinking about the mechanics of golf and how every single thing you do affects your game, let your mind listen to music instead. Don’t think about the components of your swing – play in your subconscious. It’s natural and will improve your game. Music can also help you set the tempo for your game. If you tend to have a slow swing, listen to some slow jazz; if your swing is fast, you might want to try some hard rock. Your ideal tempo as you swing is a matter of preference.