Month: November 2016

Top 5 Recommended Golf Affiliate Programs

Top Golf Affiliate Programs

Many leading online income earners will accept that a big chunk of their proceeds comes from affiliate marketing. Such successful individuals will also tell you that choosing an affiliate program wisely is an important step if you want to make good cash marketing other people’s products. We asked Anne Fognano of Affiliate Management Solutions to recommend a few golf related affiliate programs for our readers that are interested in generating a little revenue from affilaite marketing. Continue reading to know more about the top 5 golf affiliate programs that Anne recommends:

1. Adams Golf: This golfing product supplier offers all the fundamental apparatuses and accessories at competitive prices. Ranging from complete sets to hybrids, Adams Golf has all that you need for an extraordinary on-field experience. As one of their affiliate marketers, all you need to do is to spread information about their top-quality products and enjoy awesome commissions for it. For further information, sign up with to learn more about the Adams Golf affiliate program now!

2. Austads Golf: If you don’t feel like joining Adams Golf affiliate program for some reason or other, then you should give Austads Golf a try. This is a family-owned golf products retailer and an authorized seller of premium golfing equipment since 1963. With a dedicated management and support team, the Austads Golf affiliate program promises you up to 7.5% flat commissions.

3. Carls Golfland: Carls Golfland is the ideal affiliate deal for individuals seeking quick commissions marketing a top-cadre company that already sold itself out there. Regardless of where you are, you can purchase all golfing paraphernalia from Carls Golfland webpages. These include golf bags, shoes, balls, and all kinds of sporting apparel. Listed on Merchant Hub, this group’s affiliate program is a remarkably lucrative advertising plan that sends your regular payouts via PayPal.

4. Golf Shoes Plus: As the name suggests, this incomparably well-reputed group is widely recognized for its golfing footwear – and something more! With outstanding products that include everyone’s unique taste, Golf Shoes Plus’ catalog features prime accessories such as men’s golf shoes, women’s golf shoes, and men’s skechers golf shoes. As one of their esteemed affiliates, your responsibility entails driving customers to, where they can buy top-of-the-line golf shoes and other golfing accessories.

5. Callaway Golf: Unlike other affiliate programs that keep varying their commission structures every other month, Callaway Golf has cut itself a prestigious niche as one of the most honest marketing partnerships on the web. Slightly different from the other sites highlighted above, this company primarily supplies golf balls and golfing clubs. To become one of their affiliate marketers, you only need to spare a few minutes to complete a simple application form. This one-of-a-kind advertising offer guarantees you up to 6% commissions on purchases.

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing we recommend you follow Affiliate Management Solutions on Twitter and LinkedIn, they are an experienced affiliate management company that provides custom packages to their merchant clients.


Notable Tournaments: The Jay Bruce Golf Tournament Of Southeast Texas

Jay Bruce Golf Benefit LogoJay Bruce Tournament is named after a keen baseball player who traversed the country attending competitions throughout the year. He influenced his family’s itinerary nearly all the time as he enthusiastically strove to watch key play-offs and also do his personal practice. Courtesy of this devoted golfing lover, the Bruces are said to not have a missed even a single game. In fact, Kellan, his older sister, is famed to have been the legendary golfer’s biggest admirer and cheerleader.

In 2010, the Jay Bruce Golf Benefit was unveiled for the express purpose of encouraging and extending support to young people with intellectual and developmental deficiencies. The main reason the charity largely targets intellectually and physically challenged kids is because Jay Bruce’s aforementioned sister, Kellan, fell under this underprivileged category. Within the few years that the fund has been in existence, it has helped pluck out many disadvantaged children from the forgotten sidelines and given them a fair chance to play golf like everyone else out there. The trust’s rapid success is mostly attributable to the untiring generosity of its many kind partners from within and beyond the state borders.

The Arc of greater Beaumont is one of the kindhearted benefactors who have seen the tournament through past six years. The sponsor is a local non-profit that promotes the success of physically and intellectually deprived young individuals such the popular Jay’s sister – Kellan. Besides this valued partnership, the organization also extends remarkable sponsorship to the Life Skills department at the West Brook High School – Kellan’s alma mater. This continued affiliation has seen many cognitively/developmentally affected kids develop amazing interest in playing golf.

As a way of lending further support to this worthy cause, the management invites big-hearted individuals to register their teams of 4 by paying a total of $400.00. To appropriate this kind of support to the benefit, you should visit the main webpage and sign up by completing a brief form. If you are alone and still would like to give your sponsorship, you may do so with just $100.00. The simple process is quite painless since you’ll be able to write and submit the whole registration details online.

If you do not wish to participate in any of the tournament’s games, you still may extend your support by directly offering a donation of your choice over the web. To do this, you only need to visit the main website donation page and give whatever you feel can take golf to a disadvantaged child out there. Still, there are a few other sponsorship options such as the Championship Package, the Home Run Package, and the Grand Slam Package. To get further information regarding the support options above, tour the main site and click on any category of interest. It’s through such small contributions from well-wishers from all over the map that have mad Jay Bruce Golf Tournament big sports charity the world knows today.

We ran into an area business man, Bryan Case from Classic Kia of Beaumont & Silsbee for his thoughts on the tournament, “Jay Bruce Golf Tournament is not only one of the most helpful and influential charities in South Texas, but also among the most life-changing voluntary organizations in the whole of the United States. It’s an inerasable testament of how an individual’s invincible passion can positively influence countless generations ever after”.