Month: February 2017

Our Favorite Golf Magazines

Golf Digest MagazineDo you know anyone who is into golfing? Whether you’re an obsessed golfer or you have a golf enthusiast in your life, you’re at the right place. And guess what? You stopped by at the right time. What a perfect timing! Now, hold your horses for we have some good news for you, the golf lover. First things first, though. Where do you get golfing ideas? Have you considered subscribing to golf magazines? If you haven’t, then this is the perfect time to do so. Look, here are our favorite golf magazines. We thought you’d be interested.

1. Golf Digest Subscription

Golf is not just about swinging—it’s a lifestyle! A subscription to the golf digest magazine grants you access to the most widely-read publication. Here, you’ll learn tips on how to play, where to play, and what to play. If you need to become a better player, a discerning traveler, and a smarter consumer, golf digest magazine is your ultimate bet. With a mantra THINK YOUNG/PLAY HARD, this magazine will definitely make you a better golfer. It has basically everything you need.

2. Golfweek Subscription

Golfweek has been around for many years, so you’d expect it to have found its way into the hearts of golfers. With the best workforce employed to write magazine’s columns, you can rest assured that this magazine will not disappoint you. Golfweek will give you exclusive insights, insider reports, and in-depth information on the biggest stories, right on time. Apparently, this is the magazine that tackles what the other magazines can’t while providing comprehensive coverage of everything golf. Get your subscription today and experience the difference.

3. Golf Magazine Subscription

Since its inception in 1960, Golf Magazine has been helping golfers better their skills. This monthly publication provides instructions from the best golf teachers, who have compiled instructional guides and articles. And if you need some information on how to plan a golf trip, this publication got you covered. Golf Magazine is well renowned for its comprehensive gear reviews. And with its annual club test, sifting through many clubs to find what works best for you couldn’t get this simpler! Not to forget, this publication has taken care of the interests of golfers who want to play near home—it publishes reviews on local golf courses.

A subscription to one or all of the above Golf magazines is the best thing that you can ever do as a golfer. So, why not take this bold step? You will definitely love it, is the place to be! Get a subscription from us.