Golf for Social Skills, Honest Accounting & Life!

Golf is probably the best game on the planet, because of the multitude of skills and behaviors that it trains and enhances

If you’re in business, there is no better game to play that will allow you to spend time chatting with and socializing with fellow business people, in your local area.

You learn a new skill, you practice and hone that skill, becoming better every time you play and you get to relax and spend time with people who can very well become your customers, your suppliers or maybe even in due course, when the circumstances are correct, even your business or investment partner.

In a game where honest score keeping and showing respect for your fellow golfers is sacrosanct, it certainly gives you an opportunity to get an insight into the character of your golfing partners, and frequently a good golfing buddy, can become a friend for life.

With that said, when an opportunity to go on a golfing trip comes up, you need to know what to bring with you, so here are our recommendations – Travel Pack: Fitness Trackers, Cabin Luggage & Golf GPS Watches.