Travel Pack – Fitness Trackers, Cabin Luggage & Golf GPS Watches

Travel Pack – Fitness Trackers, Cabin Luggage & Golf GPS Watches

Golf is a fantastic game. You either come with or learn so many of life’s essential skills when playing this game that it is not surprising that so many successful businessmen, CEOs and avid entrepreneurs are virtually addicted to the game.

Game Skills

The first thing is learning the skill of actually playing the game, which involves navigating your way to a quite far away destination – the hole. You have to learn how to stand, how to swing the club for drive shots, for fairway shots, for pitching and even putting. While doing this it is a good idea to monitor your heart rate with a fitness tracker so the stress on your body stays in a comfortable range. Try Wearable Fitness Technology for the best fitness tracker wristbands 2018.



Every day that you go out onto the course you’re getting a new experience. It might be a little warmer or colder, the grass could be drier or damper, longer or shorter and you have to balance and measure all of these considerations in seeking to keep the number of shots as low as possible in order to complete the game. A good golf GPS watch can really help, we recommend Best GPS Golf Watches for Ladies 2018.

Honest Scorekeeping

And this brings us onto the second great thing about golf, and that is that it demands that you must be honest. No matter how bad your day is going, how many bad shots you have taken, or how much wind and rain is hitting you in the face the game demands honest recording of your scores – no matter what. To gain a reputation as a cheater is to risk being shunned by the golfing community.



Social Skills

Apparently, the acquisition and development of social skills is just another numbers game where the more people that you meet and get to know, the greater will be the development of your social skills, and your overall ability to relax around other people.

If you know someone who is a little socially awkward, golf could be the perfect antidote for that where they get to meet people in an environment where they can focus on playing golf, and begin to build up their conversation skills while everyone has the casual distraction of improving their own golf game.

After some time a lot of people build really close relationships with their golfing buddies, where golfing trips to sunny golf courses all over the world begin to become a possibility, and so some nice cabin luggage may be required – try Online Luggage Shop: best cabin luggage online 2018.

It can be a complicated game, we will admit but it’s usually worth the effort, and remember once you get it, it’s a game you can play for the rest of your life – not like football.